The Office of The Counsellor At Law Dariusz Knera has come into being as a result of transformation and on the base of the owner’s experience, who started in 2003 running a business under the name “Kazus” in Gdańsk.

The Office has its seat in Gdańsk at Al. Grunwaldzka 124/4, and in April 2007 the Office opened its departament in Chorzów at ul. Katowicka 154 B.

Our mission is to secure all Our Clients’ legal interests, what we do with full commitment using our professional and expert knowledge, as well as effective procedures.

We are proud of the fact that the Clients, who entrusted us their affairs, are always satisfied with our service and willingly recommend us to others.

What makes our mark is the fact that with pleasure we are taking up untypical cases which require creative way of solving legal problems. However, we do not belittle slight and typical, on the surface, issues.

The rule of mutual trust is a priority in contact with Our Clients. Thi is why we strictly abide by the professional secrets which are confided to us by the Principals of the cases.


The Office specializes in a comprehensive lawyers’ service of many different transactors – from private persons running a bussiness to limited liability companies. Our rich experience has been ensured by the pernament sevice of many enities with domestic and foreign capital. We are able to take good care of all Our Clients’ interests taking into consideration different kinds of activities they specialize at. Our knowledge enables to provide the pernament service of companies as well as cooperation at the execution of concrete ventures. The range of provided services is wide and very diverse – beginning from effective enforcement of debts and ending with shaping or transformating companies.

For example it may be shown that among Our Clients there is an operator of cellular telephony, leading on the Pomeranian market companies from building and printing trade as well as associations and societies.

The Office is also engaged in ensuring legal interest of private persons. We offer professional service in executing claims for damages from insurance companies. Additionally, into the scope of Our Office’s activity there is permanently written taking into action issues relating to labor cases – both from employer’s as from employee’s side.