Forms of cooperation

We offer two forms of cooperation which are fitted to individual needs of Our Clients. That is why we serve as summary or pernament legal assistance.

Forms of summary legal assistance:

– participation in mediation in order to facilitate solving the disputes between Our Clients and their contractors according to legal course,

– legal advice which may have verbal form and is given to show legal proceedings in reference to facts of a case presented by the Client,

– consultations which may have form, both, verbal and written, and are used to present legal consideration based on given facts of a case,

– legal opinions which present in written form higly developed legal consideration based on given facto of case together with indicating consequences of alternative actions,

– preparing projects of all kind of contracts, documents and legal acts with taking into consideration special interests of Our Clients,

– legal representation which consists of representing the Klient In front of all kinds of subjects on base of given power of attorney,

– legal analysis prepared due to present in a comprehensive way conclusions from inquiry of transacors’ legal status, especially financial position of Our Clients’ future contractors,

– representation of a lawsuit and that is representing the Client in front of court of justice and, what is connected with that, undertaking all indispensable acts.

Forms of pernament legal service:

– informing Clients abort the legal status and changes in binding regulations in matters that may interest them, especially informations which fallus within the domain of running a bussiness,

– giving advice and conusultating,

– preparing legal opinions,

– participation in mediation,

– preparing projects of all kind of contracts, doduments and legal acts (especially legal inner acts of commercial companies, wich are required by commercial code and all documents of labor law, bankruptcy and allied law),

– preparing legal analysis,

– legal representation and representation of a lawsuit.

The scope of cases is not a closed catalogue because we are able to undertake any case which is connected with law issues. Among many others we undertake:
– claims for damages from insurance companies,
– management of own affairs of companies cocnerning registration and the change of status,
– execution of exactable claims: in prejudicial proceedings (final calls), legal proceedings ( and that is also action in law against board members of the company, toward which the evecution appeared to be ineffective) or enforcement proceedings (just as affidavit of assets),
– preparation of contracts with taking into consideration special interest of Our Clients,
– legal service of public orders,
– legal service of transactions concerning immovables.

At the same time, we would like to emphasize that in the scope of cases we are undertaking there is often noticeable presence of international part, because both, among Our Clients as well as among Our Opponents, there are many citizens of other European countries.

Safety of service:
1. Responsibility for provided sernice for the benefis of Our Office’s Clients is born by the counsellors at law who have documented qualifications. Supervision over appropriate practice of the proffesion by the counsellors at law is performed by the occupational autonomy of counsellors at law.
2. Practicing the proffesion of the counsellor at law is minutely regulated in law of the counsellors at law, administrative acts and legal acts promulgated by the organs of the occupational autonomy of counsellors at law.
3. High level of professional knowledge reached due to occupational education is a guarantee of reliable provision of legal assistance.
4. All our occupationals acts are performed in accordance with binding rules, the best will and knowledge, uprightly, matter-of-factly and with appropriate care.
5. All our workers are obliged to keep in secret everything he/she found out in connection with provision of legal assistance. Obligation to keep professional secret cannot be limited in time and is subject to legal protection.
6. Counsellors at law working in offices hale the obligatory civil liability insurance in accordance to kept occupational activity. Civil liability insurance covers civil liability of the counsellor at law for the damages caused in consequence of activity or desistance of insured person, during the insurance period, while performing acts of counsellor at law. The insurance amounts to 100.000,00 EURO